Is Your Headshot Losing You Business?


One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is brand and image management. These mistakes range from a logo that is over complicated or a general lack of consistency in branding to head shots that are sub-par or simply not a head shot at all. It is difficult to measure the effect, because no one will ever tell you “Hey, I was going to use you, but then I saw your headshot/logo and it didn’t inspire confidence.” How many clients do think may have gone with someone else because the image you put out there does not invite them to trust you? It’s a scary thing to think about. Personal branding is no longer just for CEOs and millionaires. Unless you aspire to work in fast food for the rest of your life, you MUST market yourself… and you MUST do it properly!


If you are not leaving an impression, you are losing business.


What is that you say? You HATE how you look in photos? Welcome to the club. But fear not! Anyone can look great, you just need a little help. Here’s a list of common mistakes people make with their headshot:

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  • Just straight-up blurry.
  • Terrible lighting.
  • Mediocre black and white.
  • The “Sears portrait” background.
  • Random or odd background.
  • Over-the top-glamour shot!”
  • Classic Facebook-style shot #1. “PARTY!”
  • Classic Facebook-style shot #2. “Look at my irresistible baby (or pet)!”
  • Classic Facebook-style shot #3. “Selfie in the bathroom.”
  • Classic Facebook-style shot #4. “The couple / group shot.”
  • The boozy smile.
  • Full-body action pic.
  • “But I LOVE this photo of me…”
  • The white-polo-and-oversized gut combo.
  • “Side shot of me hard at work.”
  • “I’m all business and think that smiling is a sign of weakness.”
  • The “I’m important” shot.

[Tweet “Your head shot is the most effective way to get people NOT to hire you professionally.”]

It’s not worth the risk. Make sure your headshot inspires confidence, assures of professionalism, and invites clientele to trust and use you. If you are like most people, then you hate SOMETHING about you enough to hate having your picture taken. It’s ok. You’re not alone. I know how to make you love the way you look. It’s not about just taking a “competent” photograph that avoids the pitfalls listed above, but going beyond “good enough” and capturing the essence of your personality. You’ll go from “Ugh! Do I have to pick a photo for this webinar/blog post/business network?” feeling to “Hmm, which one of these awesome photos should I use this time?”

So, if your online photos need a refresh (and at least 9 out of 10 of you reading this fall into this category), get some help. Contact me and let me bring out your best.